Water Body River actor renders strangely when curl noise is applied

I’m experimenting with the water plugin and am having a strange issue when I apply curl noise to my water body river. The edges are deforming really strangely and sinking into the world below my landscape.


without noise:

Landscape z position is set to 0. All other river settings appear to be default. Anyone else experiencing this bug?

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Been having this issue since early 2020, I can’t believe it’s not fixed yet. Not fixed in UE5 either. How is it possible that you and I are the only two people who use the river tool? Surely they don’t think these super straight and clean rivers are actually useful. As far as I’m concerned until they fix the curl noise, the river tool should be marked experimental.

Edit: you can track the issue here, it is in fact a known issue, they’re just taking their sweet time fixing it.

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I am too. It sucks to experience this.

Yeah, unfortunately it’s going to be annoying to have to work around this. Current plan it to spam rocks everywhere :sunglasses: