Water and weather tool

Will we get a built-in water and weather tool?
I searched in the blueprints, but didnt find any relevant things to water and weather.

is water;

And you can build your own weather system with blueprints. There are also a couple of time of day BP’s in Community Content section.

Thanks, the water-shader looks nice. Will have a look in the blueprint content section.

I found time of the day system: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Time Of Day - YouTube
Is it possible to add values so that we can change cloud-speed, cloud-colors and cloud-offset? That would be cool! :slight_smile:

Hey , good to see you again! it’s camdev from the CE forums, switched a while back to UE4 and I’m loving it so far!

You can do way more than that video shows, if you want to go through (and download it for free) an entire night/day simulator blueprint, and works great, I highly recommend reading the thread, as there is a lot of good information there:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi , how are you? :slight_smile: Yeah, UE4 (and Epic) is everything what other game-engines are not. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.
I was about to develope a game where you have to survive by gathering food, drink and other sources, but there are many games in that genre already and I saw another one that was in the developement with UE4 (Solus the game) so I gave up that idea. Now Im about to develope a explorer-game with places from my city (Steinkjer, Norway) and create them exactly as they appear in real-life.

Haha thats so cool ! :smiley:
Can you take a trip to Porsgrunn as well :wink: ?

But to the subject.
To be honest it makes no sense that Epic did not include in the engine.
Time of Day will be better now as we got global ilumination, but water?

It should be as siimple as a checkbos, “Create Blank level with Ocean.”
They just implemented swiming in 4.3 so am hoping its underway.

But the fact that ufna made it open source is great!
Maybe Epic should add it to the Engine?

I’m doing good, how about yourself? Your game idea that sounds interesting, I’m big on open world type games so that sounds pretty cool! I’m doing something sort of similar, creating an open world driving/racing game based on the area around Vancouver BC, Canada, I won’t be recreating the entire city as that would take me years to do, I’m concentrating more on the areas around the city, highways along the water and inland with smaller towns in place of the cities. Currently building the terrain and modeling some cars, so far I have my Ferrari 458 Italia in game to drive around, setting up vehicles with proper physics is so much simpler in engine, and it has been a lot of fun building it so far!

About the weather, that is something I also want to work on for my game (water too!), I just remembered I had seen a video on creating rain (they used a waterfall effect from the " Cave" content example in the marketplace, which also shows how to set up dense fog that could help the effect as well) but the video is in German, so I had to try and follow along without sound. is the video in case you are interested, you can still get a good idea of what they are doing without the sound:


Hope that helps!

Im fine, thanks :slight_smile: Re-creating places in 3D take quite some time. I did a 3D model of my workplace (Lindseth Reklame, a firm that delivers graphical advertising solutions) and it took me 3 weeks. Have a look : Redirecting... (The Facebook video is set to public, so you should be able to view it :slight_smile:

@anonymous_user_71cec304: Actually, I was in Rygge some weeks ago. Weather and water tools should be included in the first place, but I do understand that it take years to develope such a great engine and Epic is doing an amazing job.


Yeah I saw that on the news back when it happened, out in Victoria, I lived there for 3 years and used to drive that highway all the time, and truthfully, it did not surprise me to see it happen there one bit! It’s a fairly new 4 lane highway with long sweeping curves starting as soon as you leave Victoria all the way to the Malahat hwy through the suburbs, and most people drive at like 130kmh along that stretch all the time.

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