Water and Ocean Shader

Ok, we not into the game development but we do use game engine for simulation and presentation use on the Engineering field. We was using Unity because we can use Triton plugin (80% our simulation is on water) I purchase the subscription to use UDK4 hoping there water/liquid shader was better to use but I do not see any good way to replicate these. These is not a game engine but the programing engine for these app can do the correct/similar realistic water my question is why can not these be done we UDK4? I can not said im a experience user with UDK maybe that is the reason so if some one here will lead me to a tutorial or doc where explain a way to achive these effect will be great! Thank you in advance. the link is below for your user to check what im talking about.

indeed, UT4 should have an more realistic whater :

and this is possible (maybe with an other Program, but it’s possible)
Thgis is an Tutorial for floating an aquarium but what’s on an aquarium
should be possible should be possible in UT also… it’s easy an whater emulation :

Novedge Webinar #62: RealFlow 2013 - A Fluid Revolution h

and now we have 2014,… what’s now possible ?

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Not this stuff unless you really wanted to use it for like, on specific cool thing in a scene. Notice all these videos are for something about the size of an aquarium or at most a small room. So yes, you can do a single aquarium or even a really small room as such, but you’re not doing entire river or oceans as such.

With a lot work a more realistic scenario is 2.5d heightfields for water simulation. Some nice waves on the beach, interactive ripples and etc. With GPGPU stuff that’s a lot more doable now. I’m sure someone could even easily work out some particles with a wet shader and collision for bigger splashes.

Realflow is a slow fluid simulation app . We have it and we not use it even we our workstation is slow our spec workstation are 10,000 a pc to made a big simulation with Realflow you need a render farm… is not a good solution for game engine something like Lumion is good for now I see that my thread have around 130 or so viewer but not a single Unreal Tech have answer my question…The display of realistic ocean environment is one of the most important research fields in computer graphics, a practical algorithm for real-time rendering of realistic and unbounded ocean can relying on the newest features of graphics programmable units (GPU), a method adopting parallel computing technique for generating ocean surface in GPU can be done and can use efficient shading trips for rendering optical effects of ocean surface too, with ocean surface generation in CUDA (compute unified device architecture), adaptive ocean surface tessellation based on level-of-detail (LOD), and sophisticated optical effects. UDK Tech should look these 3 type of algorithm Gerstner Waves, Fast Fourier Transforms and Statistical Wave Models (Phillips)

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realflow was just an example … maybe an bad one… i have not so much experience about that, but i see the progress , what it is today possible.
maybe should include all possibility’s what’s possible on Nvidia and ATI/AMD-Cards and therewith rendering drivers who be something possible…

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Videos above won’t work for oceans or even lakes. They are tech concepts that work on top GPUs “in aquariums”, and also these approaches require a lot of setup and development to be used in game with other world environment.

I can’t see nothing you can’t done with UE4 or even UDK right now. It’s just a shaders.