Water and Character Interaction

I’m looking to see how I can get water to interact with my character. For example if I jump into water it should make ripples and as I walk around it should ripple outwards accordingly. There used to be a bsp brush or something in the old udk, you just laid it out and sized it to your liking and it acted like water, it was like a fluid bsp brush or something. I don’t see it in unreal 4 and I would like know if there is something similar that can be done. Thank you!

You could try it with the technique which I use in my foilage pack (for the grass): [FREE] Foliage Starter Kit - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:
This is how it works: - YouTube

Hmm, that might work, I’ll see if I can implement it and I’ll let you know the outcome. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for this!