Watcha think of this..?

Excuse the bad quality video render, I’m using Camtasia to record and I don’t have the best compression settings right now. This is a walk around the level I’m currently working on. Keen eyes will spot some familiar assets, sorry guys I’m not much of a modeller, but hopefully I make up for it with my l33t shader skills. There’se a LOT going on here, I’ll go into everything in more detail once the level and cinematic are done.

More proud of the bubbles than anything else…

BTW, Translucency in it’s current form really sucks… I hope some serious work gets done on that soon. (PS, anybody know how to force the sorting of translucent materials?)

That is some impressive water you’ve got there, despite any issues you might be having with translucency :slight_smile:

Thanks Kris! I used Redbox’s technique for baking a flow map to get the water looking as good as it does. I’m still eternally grateful to him for putting that .pdf together

I’ve got a few more things going on with it too, like depth-based fog and tessellation waves. Reflectivity however is not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :slight_smile: I like the bubbles and water flow :stuck_out_tongue:
While the water looks sweet from above, it looks almost completely transparent from below (you can only see the distortion)… I’m having the same thing going on.

Yeah I’m trying to figure out the best way to rectify that at the moment, the material is two-sided but for some bizarre reason only the refraction renders from below. What I may have to do is fake it, and add a second plane underneath with a slightly different material on it that’s more opaque and less detailed. Tried that earlier however and oddly enough it did exactly the same thing

I also need a better Colour LookUpTable for the post-process colour grading too, I’m not much good at those :stuck_out_tongue: I either overdo it or go too subtle.

looks really great could we see the shader layout?

I’ll do a fell tech rundown once I’m finished (HOPEFULLY by wednesday), I probably won’t show the layouts for everything but I will explain in good detail what’s going on :slight_smile: That’ll help me figure out what to say in my interview so long as it’s good enough haha…

I feel thirsty. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is really nice. :slight_smile: I like the small touches, like the birds and the bubbles.

Wow, beautiful. I’d love a rundown.

I always felt a strong DOF helps quite a bit, a light function for caustics and some manual created light-ray planes, although i never found a way to make them look like in the CE3.

^ Thanks for the tips, I just went ahead and created some light rays for it. Based on the ones in the Blueprint_Examples level that Epic made. They make a good alternative to a fog volume actually, which was what I wanted originally. They don’t exist now by the looks of it :frowning:

Ah and some good news, I found the setting to override translucency sorting priorities, so I can fix my dodgy intersecting waterfall particles now and it stops my bubbles flashing on top of the water surface too. Awesome!

EDIT: To find it, go the the rendering tab in the details panel for the actor, and expand the advanced options arrow. All the sorting options are in there :slight_smile:

More work on this, clouds are now working just how I want them :slight_smile:

That water and my Great White Shark model were made for each other :slight_smile: