Wasted money on RTX

So here’s my experience on upgrading to 2060 RTX from 970 gtx. It’s pretty bad so far.

1- Crashes when switching level / closing editor. Tried both creator and game drivers. “Pure virtual function being called while application was running (Gls = = 1).”

2- Another Crash - I close the sequencer window and video driver crash happens. (image attached)

3- !! 970 was running on MUCH lower gpu load while churning out same fps (fixed at 24fps) on same projects. In both ray-trace and non-raytrace modes. How??

4- Not much visual difference in my Toon-shaded projects and another (semi-realistic), in fact I’m seeing weird flickering and artifacts on some materials.

I hope there are solutions to it in next release or on further googling but the thing I learnt is to not act on impulses and wait for a tech to mature.

If someone has solutions to any of these problems please do share.



Anyone else having these issues? no? O_o

disaster.JPG, LOL. … I think you have a problem on Driver, and RTX is a very new technology, maybe it’s not yet stable.

Here is a link to download the latest Driver Updater, but remember that it’s not an automatic update as it’s called, you have to manually update it.

I have been using RTX2080 for a long time (8 hours/5 days in a week) and I never had your problems.

Thanks guys. Not sure how to interpret my experience in such a case. Maybe there is something in my projects that is not compatible but then closing sequencer window shouldn’t crash…hmm

BTW, the driver that I tried is much more recent than that.

Try to completely reinstall the driver, like wipe out registers and everything else (see google for that) and see how is it. I remember once there was something wrong with the installation of the driver and I constantly had problems with it until one day I just reinstalled it cleanly and everything worked nice.

And please report the sequencer thing as a bug on the bug reporter ( its possible that you get answer from Epic about it.

Thanks for the suggestion, it could work but I think I’ll sell my RTX for now. Will wait until next generation.

I second the opinion that it’s a good idea to totally clean drivers and reinstall. I had some weird issues with my 2080Ti, but after cleaning out drivers completely and reinstalling hte latest ones, everything works fine, no problems at all.

I tried that BTW, but still got the same “video driver crashed” error whenever I would close sequencer window. Even tried changing tdi (or something to do with timing). No luck.

There’s always the nuclear option, which is to say reformat your main drive and reinstall everything fresh.