washed out texture inside UE4

Everything was going fine then I reimported my diffuse and it turned all washed out.


thanks for the help!

I have had that same problem with using PNG. Try turning the brightness down on the texture in UE4 details panel of the texture.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, when saving PNG from Blender, it turned out washed out or to bright. I solved it temporary by opening up the PNG file in photoshop (brightness looked OK, same between Blender <-> Photoshop) and just saved over the PNG. Then imported in UE4 and the colors where correct.

Make sure it’s interpreting it as SRGB

imported it as png8 and it worked!

Yes. Don’t import 16Bit. Not even for Normal maps. Also make sure your Photoshop color space is sRGB.