Textures Are Too Bright

Hi there,

I’m new to UE, following this UE5 Tutorial: Unreal Engine 5 Beginner Tutorial - UE5 Starter Course! - YouTube

While following along, I’m noticing my textures a quite a bit brighter than the ones shown in the tutorial. This includes “StarterContent” textures and the ones provided in the video description.

A bit of research has led me to several people encountering this issue in UE4, but no mentions of UE5 so far. Everyone seems to have resolved this issue by exporting their PNG textures as either 8-bit PNG or TGA files. Neither of these solutions have worked for me.

Here are some of the threads I’ve looked at for reference:

I’ve tried (using Photoshop):

  • Exporting as TGA 16 bit & 32 bit
  • Exporting as 8-bit PNG using “Save As” with sRGB
  • Exporting as 8-bit PNG using “Save As” without sRGB
  • Exporting as PNG-8 using “Export for Web (Legacy)”
  • And more (store color profile, transparency on/off, etc)

I’ve noticed this does appear to be related to sRGB. If I turn off sRGB in the texture details, the colors appear correct, however this does not solve the problem as the material seems to require sRGB for the “Color” sampler type.

I’ve noticed if I reimport the texture, it shows up properly, but after saving it immediately goes back to the washed out colors:

After Reimport:

After Saving:

There is a workaround which I haven’t tried, which is to negate the correction via the material blueprint, however this does not feel like the best solution. Can someone help me find out where I’m going wrong?

I’ve attached the original basecolor PNG so you can try it for yourself as well.