Washed out lighting in VR

I have an issue with drastically different lighting in editor mode, in in-editor gamemode and in VR play mode. All that started after I moved MotionControllerPawn and that completely screwed this scene.

I tried different things, like changing exposure, turning automatic exposure on and off, rebuild lighting, reflections, and all of the postprocessing volumes in my scene.

What I noticed, that maybe it somehow depends on overall quality settings because on very low setting my viewport starts to look kinda same like in VR. But I can’t understand why it happened when all was good before, and I literally just moved one actor in the scene. And of course, most importantly, how to change it back?

I use Vive if it helps to solve the problem.

What rendering are you using? ( deferred or forward rendering) I found when I switched to forward rendering It fixed the washed out look for me.

Warning! switching rendering engine would cause unreal to recoumpute all your shaders, which could take a while depending on how much materials and textures you have in that project.

Hm, actually, I used forward rendering, so I tried to switch bag to deferred, and it looks normal again. I guess if I switch again back to forward rendering - it would work, so thanks for the tip.

But still, can’t understand what caused this bug and how to avoid it in future