Wasabi Horizon

Wasabi Horizon

Wasabi Horizon is a 2D, action adventure game that allows the player to explore distinct environments, battle hordes of enemies, and traverse through otherworldly dungeons, in order to save the land from the armies that plague it.

Wasabi Horizon is currently being developed using Paper2D


Wasabi WIP Unreal 3.jpg

Tumich Wasabi, an octopus learned in the ways of the warrior who becomes unwittingly involved in a battle between two forces the likes of which may not ever be fully comprehend. When Wasabi’s once familiar island home becomes the warped staging ground for the forces of the Four Seasons, Wasabi will embark on a quest rich with discovery and filled with the true spirit of adventure. On this quest Wasabi will come face to face with overwhelming enemies both brutal and cunning, marshalled by forces hellbent on the spread of chaos, all the while, an ominous figure weaves a mysterious path through the land. Throughout this adventure, Wasabi will discover who is truly behind this invasion and bring balance back to the island.

Wasabi WIP Unreal 2.jpg

There are four environments for Wasabi to explore and each will depict a different element and season. They will also feature a rich and expansive history interwoven throughout it, told through exploration, breathtaking landmarks, and humorous island folk.

The game is focused on combat, offering many types of enemies to battle as well as different weapons to chose from. Wasabi must traverse through each of the warlords’ fortresses in order to free the lands. Each bested in combat will provide Wasabi with their weapon along with different abilities. Throughout this adventure, enemies will drop erratic crystal power ups which may temporarily bestow powers or curses onto Wasabi in a “Roulette system”.

Explore stylish environments of a land on the edge of eradication

Things To Come:
Fight through time warped fortresses
Fast paced combat against the hordes of the Four Seasons
Wield the forces of artifact weapons
Harness unstable power crystal to unleash unimaginable powers
Rich and humorous storytelling

Surreal characters depictions and outlandish environments.
Traditional Hand Drawn Animations

Current Build:

Wasabi WIP Unreal.jpg

Wasabi’s Movement and attacking have been implemented as well as a primitive dodge.

An enemy has been created to be the base for future enemy types.

3 Powerups<Power Crystals> have been created to feature the roulette system and the base for the roulette system has been finalized and tested

An Environment has been drawn and implemented by the designer and artist that will be a base for future experimentation and land building with more textures and sprites.

We’ll keep you posted on future updates here with more implementations and concept art!

Wasabi WIP Unreal 5.jpg

Concept Art Update 02-10-2016

wasabi banner_WIP2.png

Created and Developed by Good War Games.
Twitter: @anonymous_user_8e134c9b](http://www.twitter.com/goodwargames)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/goodwargames
Instagram: goodwargames

Wow! I LOVE the character art and visuals of everything!

Is this paper 2D?

Thanks for the kind words! :smiley:

Yes, this is being put together with paper 2D. We have been hitting some obstacles with z rendering. The only solution we’ve come up with to getting the desired effect of the character moving behind items, but over that same item when in front of them was the biggest hurdle. We are looking for a better way to do it.

DUDE THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love the color scheme you went with for the game and the music!

Concept Art Update 02-10-2016

Thanks for the feedback. Here is a new concept poster our artist just finished up. Enjoy!

This game looks great, surprised no one else is commenting on it! I love the art style :smiley:

I would be vary curious as to how you got the z depth working - you said it was troublesome but still, how? I’ve been wanting to merge my gamemaker project into UE4 for a long time now, which acts as a Diablo top down game similar to the view used in this. Gamemaker makes it super easy and almost automatic, but so far I’ve seen no real easy way to do it UE4 either.

Z render solution on objects (WIP)

Thank you for the support! The projects on your site look terrific as well.

With the paper 2D system, for the z depth, we had to find a temporary workaround until we find a better system for this particular style of game, . Our solution for now is that for every object we have in the world that Wasabi interacts with (rocks, walls, trees, etc) is made up of two copies of that same object that have different render geometries showing: top part and bottom part. We then layer both copies of that object on top of each other and give each piece a different render translucency sort priority. The top part will have a higher priority than Wasabi (creates illusion that character is behind) and a lower priority for the bottom part (creates illusion of the character is in front). Then we place a collision box where needed (usually on the copy of the item that is on the bottom) in order to finish creating the illusion. In the video, there are a few examples of this effect. The first is at 0:15 where Wasabi walks behind a tree. The the next ones are at 0:28-0:30 where the character walks behind a rock and the gate.

I know that the explanation can get confusing so if you have any further questions, feel free to ask away.

Awesome art direction, and awesome gameplay! Have played this game, Good War Games sure know how to make them as good looking as fun! Would totally love to see it go 2.5D if not full 3D tbh :smiley:

Nah, keep it 2D. we need more love for Paper2D ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the art style aswell. Good luck on getting this done!

Haha I agree, and I will try my best to make sure that we stay paper2d :wink:

I’ve been following your work with the Unreal Fighter2d stuff for a bit now and your approval means a lot, so thank you :smiley:

Thank you both for the support! It truly means the world to us.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, I appreciate it very much. I’ll have to start toying around with it and see if I can get it working myself. If there is one thing that should be made a clear example and/or integrated into Paper 2d, its a feature like this. So many games use this view/style, no idea why it wasn’t supported or a content example made available :frowning: . If I have anymore questions, I’ll be sure to ask you! Good luck on your project!

Update 02-19-2016

Update: Sprint has been implemented. GIFs for reference.



Sprint Stopping




Attack Stop


Camera Change


New Wasabi Animations WIP

Yaaaay Update! Gogogo! Looking nice. :slight_smile:

Thank you, trying to put in that paper2d work naw mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Paper 2D: Small Animation and Dodge update

UPDATE 02-26-2016: Two More Key frame animations!



As well as a refined dodge based on command inputs!


Update 03-04-2016

Small update:

  • Weapon concept art are in progress
  • Weapon system has been prototyped. Currently awaiting testing.
  • Story development in progress.

Roar! Do more! :3

Update 03-11-2016 - Weapon Concepts

Update 03-11-2016:
Wasabi Horizon OST (In progress)- https://soundcloud.com/suezo/sets/wasabi-horizon-ost
Weapon Switch System in Progress
Level Layout Design is in progress.
Story is in progress of development.
Various Weapon Concepts


Update 03-19-2016 - Movement and Demo Dungeon WIP

Update 03-19-2016 - Movement and Demo Dungeon WIP

Camera Lag added to give Movement a sense of fluidity.

Demo Dungeon Layout WIP. Each green room will be a locked room battle event.

Line Shocking Boss Pattern Examples. This is one of the demo boss powers, work in progress using zelda placeholders :smiley: