Wasabi Horizon

Update: 03-26-2016

Update: New Boss Skill Mock up, Bolt/Beam, using Zelda placeholders :smiley:

Demo Boss Concept

New Wasabi Character Concepts: Different details and colors are being tested on Wasabi’s character model

Update 04-01-2016

Character Concept Art Update.

** We would like to thank the Unreal Engine team for the Community Spotlight! It means a lot to us and motivated us even more. *****

Potential Companion for Wasabi

Town Mayor- Acro


Enemy Mob Demo Concepts


Wow this is some killer concept art! Great work!!

Thanks! We’re working hard to make sure our art captures hearts and souls. :slight_smile:

I really love Mayor Acro’s design! Nice update :smiley:

:smiley: yay! Thank you !

Thank you! We can’t wait till we have all the characters finalized and in the engine running around. That update post will be glorious!

Update 04-09-2016

Update - Concept Art and Design

This week there is a small update for art and design. There are a few things in the works that are not ready to show in the update just yet. Implementation for paper2d assets into the engine will hopefully start within the month once most of the art concepts are finalized. In the meantime, enjoy some more cool looking stuff! :slight_smile:

Demo Boss Ability Design mock up**

Wasabi’s Sensei concept - Meet Sensei

Early WIP of Wasabi communication device UI - The Cuboid. Looks an awful lot like a phone :3**

This is just becoming great, keep up the good work Senpai!

Update 04-16-2016

Update - Chat/Communications Concepts, Line Charge boss Ability Prototype

**Another small update. **

First up, A couple of in game chat UI concepts.



Next up - Prototype of one of the Boss abilites for the demo. This prototype is functional and lets us control any pattern based on a grid of any size. The yellow signifies where the attack will damage and the red is the execution.


Update 04-23-2016

**Art Update:
We got a big update today. First off, we want to present the new reworked Wasabi model that we will be going forward with. Wasabi’s design has evolved over many iterations and this one is the best one yet. Let us know what you think! **

Along with the new rework, we have our first engine ready animation. Would be great if the engine would support the animation notifies for paper2d. Now, without further ado:**


**Along with the new Wasabi rework, we got some more art concepts and UI arts.

First up, a concept animation for an in game pick up that you have to slash through to open! Whats inside? Nobody knows ;)**


**Next up, a new WIP Health/resource UI. **

Last but not least, an iteration on the chat system UI.

That’s all for this week! Let us know what you guys think so far. We are working hard to get our demo done. We will be showcasing at Florida Supercon on July 4th weekend, if anyone will be in South Florida at that time, stop by and say hello!**


This game has so much style!

I can’t wait to see some more killer gameplay :slight_smile:

And of course, seeing paper2d being used is great! Keep up the good work!

Woah, you’re making fast progress with this. Always nice to see other people using Paper2D.

I absolutely love the bright, bold colours!

Will you be sharing the demo online, or only playable at the event? Would love to check it out but I’m the other side of the world :wink:

Thanks for the support we appreciate it very much!

Thanks! We are trying to keep weekly updates for everyone, regardless of how small, we want to keep the community informed. About the demo, we do have plans to release it online, though it will most likely be after the event and it has been fixed up and optimized.

Everyone is welcome to follow us on our pages for any updates as well!

Looking really good! Good luck finishing off your demo, can’t wait to see more :smiley:

Update 04-30-2016

Update: New Animations and New WIP Level Layout

Hey everyone! Small update this week.

Thank you for the kind words, Jess. We plan to continue making progress and sharing our project with everyone!

**Going to slowly be pumping out animations. For this week we have Wasabi’s right facing running animation.


We also have a new work in progress level layout. Nothing fancy yet, but its coming. Going to a more natural layout, for the purpose of an outside setting.


Our blueprints/ test levels are made with the Tilemap editor. The editor still seems to have some problems, as it crashes the engine quite frequently. The editor has improved overtime, especially with the addition of different layers. It would useful to have separate collisions for each layer that can be placed in the tilemap instead of the same collision for each one.

We are also working on some more story concepts and dialogues!

Update 05-07-2016

**Update: New Animation and Boss Ability Prototype **
Hey everyone, got another weekly update on our lovely paper2d project. **

First off, we have another Wasabi running animation. This time, we have the Running up animation.


****Next up, we continued prototyping another demo boss ability: The Lightning bolt/beam.

This ability is going to be the boss’ bread and butter. The boss will constantly borrow and emerge from the ground throughout the fight and shoot Wasabi with these beams. Here is the first prototype gifs (still early WIP.)



Let us know what you think of the project so far! Don’t forget to follow us on our social medias (in the links in the sig!) to keep track of our progress, as well as any events and updates!

Update 5-13-2016

**Update - Art, Prototypes, and Enemy Flowcharts, oh my! **

Hey everyone! This week we got another update on the progress of your favorite paper2d project, wink wink.

**First up, we got a rough idle pose for the boss we are working on, thoughtfully named Zappadugg. This picture is being used for scale reference. We are still messing with how big Zappa will be compared to Wasabi.

Next up, we have a couple of flow charts that depict how our two regular enemies will function in the demo. They are fairly simple and straightforward, with their attack patters not being very different.

For this weeks, prototype phase gif, we have another of Zappadugg’s abilities. The WHACK-A-MOLE! hue hue


That’s all for this week’s development update! Let us know what you think!**

Update 05-20-2016

**Update: Boss Charge Blast!

This week in Good War Games update corners we have a small HUD WIP update as well as some nice GIFS of the Boss Charge Blast ability prototypes! **

We added some color and slight adjustments to the older concept that was posted earlier.

For the Charge Blast, the attack and pattern will get more severe as the fight continues. These gifs are showing different types of attack patterns.



Thanks again for checking out our thread! Drop us a line, don’t be shy!**

Update 05-28-2016

**Update: Boss Mechanics, Wasabi Dodge and new Pause Menu

Hey everyone! We are getting very close to finishing up the Boss encounter, mechanics wise. Today we see an example of Zappa’s floor line charge patterns, a small materials graphic for Wasabi’s dodge, and a new WIP pause menu. **

The line charge attack can be made to fit any pattern on the grid. The way it is set up, only one line can come out at a time, but they can be made to come out very fast, sometimes even giving the illusion that the are coming out at the same time. We are using this to give the Zappa’s flow of combat some spice. Zappa will cast this attack periodically during the different phases of combat. We are currently working on making many different patterns for the fight.


As for Wasabi. She is going to be dodging a lot in the game. We haven’t gotten a dash animation or frames yet, but we have starting playing around with different material settings to give the dash a solid indicator. This is what we’ve made so far.


A small update to our pause menu to better represent the new aesthetics of the UI.


Once again, thank you everyone to checking out our progress. If you have an questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line. 'Til next time!