Warrior's Pilgrimage Project

hi guys , this is the first time me and my teamate post here, let me know if we made a mistakes on posting location and thread thx :slight_smile:

Warrior’s Pilgrimage Project

*latest update ( see below images )

my name is Arif Pribadi , me and my teammate , Audrey Wong
this Warrior’s Pilgrimage project done by 2 person who have industry experience, that attended University of Hertfordshire. ( just finished )

this is our current team structure

Arif Pribadi - Art Director/Technical Director
http://arifcreations.com/ arifcreations.com

Audrey Wong - Lead Modeler
http://audreee.artstation.com/ audreee.artstation.com

*update note , what we posted in Unreal Forum here is the latest update, because it is not possible to post everything in one shot ( it going to be really bloated :p) , but if you curious on how it started and how we make the project from scratch you can check out the 3dhit thread or polycount

here is some short Backstory

The Player play as the Hero character who goes to a small peaceful village in the middle of the mountain landscape to get his blessing on the local temple . But something is not right, there’s seems to be something waiting for him inside the temple…

and some technical detail on how the game going to be

Warrior’s Pilgrimage is a 3rd person game, it is an interactive / playable art. so there is no real gameplay.
the Project is using Unreal Engine

these are some of the latest scene and assets screenshots

just in case if you curious about it , this is our pipeline the breakdown,

depending on what asset, but this is our most method to speed up the development

Amazing work, thank you for the detailed information in your break downs, really great to see.

Nice Graphics ! Very clean work =D

This is the “released” forum, but I don’t see where that project is released?
Can you add a download link?

franktech depending on what year you want to enter,

I can say from the perspective as person who attend in 3rd year ( because i had school and work experience before )
, since I am starting from year 3 , the cost still cheaper compared to other big name intensive 1 year course school.

for the living cost , as long as you stay out of unnecessary social activity, you will be fine, I only spend less than 1 year in order to graduate, I need to use all my day efficiently
, so I stay out of my normal lifestyle,by staying in small room and walk distance to school , to safe money.


we will have proper breakdown in viva. sometimes we switched role

this is more breakdown, for example some individual asset almost fully done by me ( only 2-4 bricks recycled from Audrey’s gate ) ,
since she is really busy helping out and carving interior statue…

and this environment assembly blockout to finish done by Audrey Wong

sometimes we just mix and match our zbrush file
to make new assets ,we don’t have luxury for “full ownership” since we are only two person team

Sir, you are amazing!
How did you make such a smooth animation for character?

Thank you for the great tutorial videos you have on your Youtube channel - www.youtube.com/channel/UCglDo6KP-IzIerz-GwmMoSA/videos

I particularity enjoyed the video showing how you achieved the fluffy looking foliage.

Looks great. Player model animation is really well done.

Awesome quality!

I’m loving the breakdown of your scenes, thanks for sharing and keep it coming!

@ Mas Arif Pribadi dan Mbak Audrey Wong salam kenal dari saya, anda benar benar sangat mengagumkan dan sangat sangat keren hasil karyanya :slight_smile: . sampai terpesona dibuatnya. Alamnya dan karakternya sangat hidup dan texturenya juga mantab. Anda mengaplikasikannya dengan sangat bagus di engine unreal ini. semua fungsi di unreal digunakan dengan sangat bagus dan fungsi dof camera juga dimainkan. Mantabbb. Ikut bangga sebagai orang indonesia :slight_smile:

@ Mas Arif and Ms Audrey Wong Personal Greetings from me, you are really very amazing and very cool results of his work, so that made me fascinated. The nature and character is very much alive and texture is also cool. You apply it with a very nice in this unreal engine. all functions in unreal used with very nice and dof camera functions also played. Mantabbb. Participate proud as Indonesian :slight_smile:

Amazing works! Especially like your lighting, sets the tone of the scenes very well.
Thanks for sharing all of the breakdowns :wink:
ps: congrats on getting “pic of the day” haha

Wow, that is incredible, thanks for the tips!

Looks really awesome. Thanks for the tips on the tree leaves


yea I made mistake here, it should be work in progress instead of released :frowning: is it good idea to move this thread?
I will give the download link between 26 th of May to early June , ( currently fixing couple of minor bug, even though it will be just an art exploration ,at least i want it to have less hiccups )
@Triple K ,
makasih juga , sama2 :slight_smile: , you are welcome

really? I totally missed >.< it but thank you for let me know

Leonnn1 and Ali Akbar

thank you

Sorry for MIA, my bad for not able to maintain multiple social media :(…

there will be two articles coming. for this project. pretty much about sharing techniques and tricks.

It looks fantastic, you will work at Naughty Dog soon.
Keep up the good work mate :slight_smile:

hi guys, first article is here

there will be second one, where me and Audrey Wong going to talk about
more of her Sculp and I gonna talk for foliages and more pipeline in unreal stay tuned

the demo will be for download around late of this month

after this exhibition held in UK hatfield

I love the details on the character, it would be great to see him bust some kicks and punches!

Kudos on the level of and attention to detail, simply awe-inspiring. Best of luck on your finished product, and can’t wait to see more from the two of you.