Hey guys!

*First of all we are apologizing for not updating this project (click here for the old thread) for a really long time. Reason being is that a lot has been changed and we felt that we should do it the proper way now, hence this new thread. *

So this scene we are working on is our internal benchmark project. One of the most important things for us is to deliver high quality assets. We are not making a game nor a cinematic trailer. For us, this project serves as a showcase to see what we are able to deliver as a group. That is also why we chose a simple (not really special and original) scene. Even though we try to make it as believable as possible. So please do not expect something with a great story or original art direction.

So what has been changed during this long time?
We reworked our Character and our Environment from ground up based on new concepts. Everything what we have done so far is being used as a test level.
Since this project is just a side project from our regular work we cannot promise to update this thread on a regular basis but we try!

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Character Concept


Environment Concept**


Looking forward to this one guys. The last scene was looking sick!


This is our test scene. In this short video you can see how we want to build up our environment in combination with effects. Most of them are done with flipbooks. Please do keep in mind that this is our test level, so the quality is not final yet.


Test scene…it already looks like a finished scene! Looking forward to the character mesh (especially how the hair shader will look like ;))

Awesome concepts, can’t wait to see more!

looking awesome.
how did you do the torches. they are amazingly real !

Holy ****. That looks amazing! KEEP IT UP!!

Hi Stucki, thanks for your post!
The torches are made with maya fluid simulations. You must render the fire simulation in maya with a static camera and create a flipbook out of your images. In this case we have 64 images packed in one flipbook. In unreal you can add the flipbook node into your material. All you need to do is to add your texture, set up the number of column/ rows and adjust the speed value. Also we use the Blackbody node for color

I’m curious how you guys got the waterline on the eyes in the previous thread - I’m using JBaldwin’s dynamic pupil eye on my Fuse characters, and I think a bit of waterline on the reflection sphere would make it look that much better!

Awesome work, I love the concept art and the level you’ve made thus far.

The mood is very great, keep up the nice work, gj :wink:


This is our early WIP of our in engine character. There is still a lot missing like hair and snow.

In engine screenshots.





In engine video:



I love photo realistic quality.

Nice :slight_smile: I like the fresnel

wow ! i really find the work on this thread adorable !
keep on the good work. Very intersting

Very nice!, reminds me of one scene from “The Last Kingdom” TV series. Keep it up!

Amazing omg

This looks awesome! Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see the finished product. =)

Incredible! Really like the art direction you follow, and the quality of your assets is top notch! Especially I like the scene. And… it’s a “test level”? I’m afraid that this test scene already looks better than similar scenes in many finished modern games!

Looking forward to see more!

Top tier art execution! Looking forward to seeing this evolve.


Some close-ups from the new assets we’ve been working on for our new scene:
We also worked on a snow shader with which you can blend in snow on all kinds of surfaces via vertex painting. Works really well with tessellation and SSS :).

Gif showing vertex painting on floor tiles




We’re making good progress on the scene and are ready to show some more stuff very soon!