Really great work, I remember that about year ago one of ouy mentioned that you gonna share you project with community. I know that is still not finished, but mayby could you share it current form? I’m really interested in yours character shaders, skin and mostly the eyes :slight_smile: I would be grateful even for sharing your old project :slight_smile:

wish i could create such D:

Been a long time but here is an update:

Looking and testing the new shaders of the 4.11 preview build. Would be cool to get some documentation on these shaders though. Still work in progress.

Impressive work.
Really great quality !
I’m cery interested to see what you will post next …

How did you do your eyebrows and eyelashes?

@Elendil thank you very much.
@mcgillchris Do you mean the shaders? If yes then it is just a simple translucent material. planes were placed by hand using alpha textures

Inspiring work

@wemakeart “Planes were placed by hand using alpha textures” Could you explain that a little more? Sorry still pretty new at this. I understand making a translucent material. I’ve been using substance painter and everything else is wonderful but I’ve really struggled with eyebrows and eyelashes.

this is looking amazing, I was following the threads on other forums too

This is looking fantastic. Poor guy looks pretty cold :wink:

Seems you’ve had more luck getting the eye shaders working than I did. Care to share a quick overview of your setup on that shader?

@crow87 I believe they shared some info about it in their old thread. If you click on the link at the top of this one it will take you there.

As I understand it, they’re talking about using the new 4.11 eye shaders - their old information was unfortunately posted long before the 4.11 preview :slight_smile:

@mcgillchris sure! So the program we used was 3dsMax. Basically we built 5 different planes with individual UV shells to get 5 different types of alpha hair strands.
We rendered the UV layout and used Photoshop to paint our alpha hair strands and then applied a material using this texture in 3dsMax to actually see how the strands looked like.

After that placed our newly created planes with the material applied on the head.

This is how it looked like in the end without any alpha on.

And this with alpha on.

Sure! But to be honest we still didn’t quite get the shader and the eyes right but once we do we will of course share information on how we did it.
Same technique was used on the eyelashes.
Hope this will help you.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed! Really appreciate yalls willingness to share your process.

Hey @WeMakeArt what was your skin shader set up like? (Did you guys use the subsurface profile? Any baked-in cavity occlusion, or perhaps used in shader? etc)
It goes without saying that this is phenomenal work. I’m new to UE, any help/tips in character setup (material and lighting-wise) would be amazing!

Insane! I can’t believe this is for a game :stuck_out_tongue: Looks more like something being made for a IMAX movie :smiley:

Awesome work. 10/10!

@ WeMakeArt: Looking good I’m interested to know if you actually got the eyeshader working as they showed on the Paragon Stuff I can’t seem to get the refraction and iris distance working at all, any joy your side?



Sry all! We haven’t had the time yet to look at the forums :S
@glitch2424 yes we use the ss-profile. All textures were done in Quixel but update is coming soon and a breakdown of course so please bear with us a little bit longer! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
@Amsanity,@BrUnO XaVIeR Thank you guys!
@dancrossland To be honest with you… No we did not got the eye shader working but we did not really investigate on it. :S

Very impressive work, could get access to any of those shaders for the character stuff at freelance costs? You could PM me if interested :smiley: