Warning: Editor config [EditoronlyBP] settings are DEPRECATED


When I cook my project for Windows I get numerous warnings about deprecated editor settings but I have no idea how to fix or optimize this. I searched elsewhere for an answer to this but have not found any, I attached an image as well for reference.

Hi jimd667,

The message is warning you that the Blueprint’s class and Class Default Object are all that’s needed. You aren’t the only one to get this message and now I’m wondering if this is an update issue. Did you happen to update your project to 4.14 or is this happening in a native 4.14 project.

That warning message may be a little misleading and needs to be looked into.




Thank you for the reply, I updated my project to 4.14. I have not tried to build a native project yet but you may be correct that this is a problem with the update itself.

I will try and create a new project all within the 4.14 version and see if that removes the warnings. My project does still cook successfully but it is somewhat concerning with all these warnings, so I figured I would ask for myself and others as well.

If a native build/cook works and it doesn’t show these warnings anymore then what would be a good method to convert my updated project? I guess I could one by one copy and paste all my stuff but that seems like a lot of work if there is an easier way.


I figured it out,

Basically my comment response to Ed was correct and I had to create a whole new native project in the 4.14 version. My project is neatly organized so it wasn’t to hard for me to right-click and migrate the data over to the newly created project’s content folder. After that I had to re-connect the input mappings for some on my blueprints but overall a quick process.

I was able to re-package the project after confirming that everything still worked and all those warning messages went away.

For me the answer was pretty simple.
Just reading the log sometimes helps.

Just adding the following lines to the DefaultEditor.ini helped:


Restart and with the next build everything worked without warnings.


I’m glad you were able to resolve this in a simpler fashion. Even though I got down voted on my answer I still stand by it for several reasons.

I noticed migrating your game over to a fresh project in newer builds actually also fixes a lot of other warnings I was having aside from the ones above. This program is big which causes many little things to happen on updates (that’s why there are so many hot fixes released.)

Another thing is this forces you to really organize and keep your project folders clean.

Happy developing!