Wanted to change wind blueprint to random directions in random mins

So here I have a wind Blueprint for niagara particles to flow. And just wanted to set random directions on it. This is the tutorial I followed for particles
And these may help.

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I think you don’t want to totally randomize the wind vector, that would be easy. If that’s the case just add some randoms for the wind components.

But wind doesn’t beahve like that (unless you’re in a tornado or something). You could try a sin function.
Check this tutorial on wind. It’s applied to grass and trees but maybe you could take some ideas from it.

Simple Global Wind in UE4 (One weird trick! Everyone hates him!) - YouTube

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Im sorry, this is still new to me. I tried it attaching to GetForwardVector but still nothing. This is in BP_Wind

And also tried attaching random to intensity, but even that isn’t working.

I’m not familiar with Random Unit Vector in Cone but I think the half angle should be greater then 0. You have a zero angle cone, it will always return the direction vector.

Yea sorry, I actually had tried changing values before posting those replies.

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