Want to test a motion controller...anyone got any small demos?

I’m fairly certain that the bluetooth hand controller I bought doesn’t do motion sensor detection as it was $25, but before I give it out to someone (it would make a great figdet cube even if it never gets hooked up too a phone) I want to be sure. It’s certainly SHAPED like a motion controller…has a single joystick and is shaped kinda like a ring.
Does anyone have any Gear VR games compatible with Android version 7.0 (Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 specifically). I’ve verified it’s compatible with Gear VR, but I haven’t found a motion sensor game and frankly I have no idea where to look.

Eventually I want to get into Gear VR development. I have a small house, so not having bulky motion sensors would be ideal.
If this controller doesn’t work I saw one on Best Buy for about $40 that does motion sensors.

You don’t need an example app - the Oculus home /main menu supports the motion controller. I’m 99.99999% sure no other motion controllers are supported by the Oculus SDK other than the official one. PS: if you really wanted to test a game then the one in my sig has motion controller support :slight_smile:

here is some setup for this https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/GearVR/HowTo/MotionController/index.html

See my sig for an example. But only the official samsung gearvr motion controller works as a motion controller in gearvr apps :wink: