Want to set an icon for my new Editor Module. How do I do this?

You would need to create a Slate style-set for your plugin, and then load your images from the content directory associated with your plugin.

You would then use your own style (rather than FEditorStyle) when getting up the FSlateIcon for the UI.

FPluginStyle should provide a good example of how to set-up your style set.

Hi Peeps,

I have my shiny new Editor Module… it’s awesome, even if it is doing absolutely zip. But it loads and this is where I start extending the editor. I want to now add an icon for my tab in the editor. In my constructor I have:

IconBrush = FSlateIcon(FEditorStyle::GetStyleSetName(), “Icons.IconLarge”, “Icons.IconSmall”);

Just as an example, but I want to load an custom icon. Where does it come from? Do I create two UAssets and for small and large and put them in my plugin’s content folder?

This is my awesome tab image at the moment… The default one :slight_smile:



Thank you very much. The PluginsEditor module code from Engine/Plugins is a perfect example of how to set up and use StyleSets

How awesome is this?


That’s my plugin adding an editor mode tab :slight_smile: Thanks Jamie!!!

Can you post a code snippet? Thanks !

Hi, do you happen to have code snippets for adding a new Editor Module?
EDIT. I just noticed that there is a template for doing this: Setting → Plugins → New Plugin → Editor Mode