Wall Visibility

I’m making a 3rd person game with a fixed camera attached to the player. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to make the walls go partially visible when the player walks behind it? I’ve been tinkering around in blueprint with a trigger volume and set visibility but that just makes the wall go immediately and completely invisible, which doesn’t look very nice. I would like to have the power to make the wall to slowly fade to 25-50% visible while the player is behind it.

Well, I’ve messed around with blueprint some more today and discovered I can get a nice opacity fade using the timeline and material parameter collections. The only problem is that I need to create a seperate MPC, material and trigger volume for each wall that I need to fade the opacity for, unless I want all of the walls to fade at the same time (which I don’t). This seems a little too time consuming and wasteful so any more efficient ways of doing this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s one user’s solution to what you’re trying to do - I think that it might be better if you actually swapped out opaque geo for masked (having an opacity masked material) right before the moment your fading begins, that way the lighting builds and occlusion will work a lot better.