Wall splits in two, very annoying

Okay, so first of all, i’m kinda new to using UE4 so i’m following some tutorials on the web, and since im finally able to import my Revit models in a decent way to UE4 i seem to have 1 problem, when you walk in the same direction as a wall, this wall seems to split itselfs and gives one of the haves an offset or something. i’ve attached a picture to give you guys an impresion:

Is there someone who knows what the problem could be?

Hi Misjeil,

Could you provide some additional screenshots or perhaps the asset itself for testing?

i’ve found out that the problem seems to be in the glass texture, because every other material works perfectly fine at this place ( see screenshot below), i can’t add the mesh because the file size is over 7MB, and he wont accept an FBX file…



I believe what you are seeing is the Material Refraction, give this a try.

  • Double-click the Glass material to open it in the Material Editor.

  • Disconnect the Refraction node from the bottom of the Material Attributes node.

  • Apply & save, then retest the asset.

If that works, you can either leave the refraction off or reconnect the node and play with the values until you get something that works for you.

Thanks sir! You are my hero of the day!