Wall Paint Peel plane meshes will not cast any shadows

Hi everyone, I have an issue related to lighting in planar objects. I modeled a wall that has a kinda paper wall texture and I want to make an effect where some pieces of the wall are torn apart. So these pieces of the wall are simple tessellated planes, stuck to the wall and I vertex painted some transparency to make that torn apart effect I’m looking for.

As long as I know, a two-sided material would be enough to make the planes cast shadows behind them against the wall, also tried enabling Two-sided Lighting in the mesh settings… But still, I don’t get it to cast any shadows once the light is baked…

It is a bit desperate, I spent quite a lot of time investigating this issue and I couldn’t really find a proper solution in the community, so please, I would be very grateful if anyone could lend me a hand.

Thank you very much!

Please attach an image.

I am sorry, here are some images illustrating whats going on in the scene.
You can see the planes are basically stuck to the wall, overlapping just on the edge of the paint peels with the wall surface.
On the other hand, in the mesh details panel I checked both two sided Lighting and Two sided shadow, but still got this lighting bake result… no shadow casting from the wall peels planes…

I hope this is useful to make it easier for you to help me. And really thank you to anyone who helps :)!

My best guess would be both to set static light level scale higher and indirect lighting quality higher too, or use gpu lightmass.

Thank you very much for your answer Bits360! Though the lightmass settings are already set to 0.1 for Static Level Scale and 10 for Indirect lighting quality in order to make the multiplication result between the two into 1. I read that’s the best way to get best results in light baking but still… nothing. Out of desperation also tried raising the indirect Lighting Quality even higher but I got no improvements either…

About the Gpu lightmass… I have no idea about it, I am gonna give it a try. What is the difference between normal Lightmass and gpu lightmass? What improvement might I get here?

I appreciate your help very much!

I got the answer to this in the Answerhub! The problem was that my material, as it is a masked material it was casting no shadows. I had to set the material back to opaque and now it casts shadows. But now, if I want to still mask out the planes to achieve that torn apart effect, I should try something else…

Masked materials can cast shadows…

Masked materials cast shadows.

Cast shadows as masked material option (or something similarly worded).

Transparency can also cash a properly transparent shadows.