Wall hiding using overlap and opacity

Per this forum post: Diablo Style Wall Hiding in Blueprints - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I tried setting this up but ran into an issue. On the Event Begin Play event it shows a variable set named “DynamicMat”. On my version I made that variable and it ends up being a Dynamic Material Instance Reference. On the custom function “UpdateVisibility” the the Get and Set Scalar Parameter Values show a link to the DynamicMat but when I try it won’t let me connect because the Scalar Parameter is expecting a Material Parameter Collection.

So I changed the BP to include a material Parameter Collection and for the most part it works. Except one issue, all of the materials that I setup to do this fade at the same time, regardless of which one is overlapping with the box setup on the Spring Arm.

Is there any way to get the DynamicMat variable to work as it shows in that example or is this not possible anymore because of version differences?

I just figured it out. For others, I was trying to get/set scalar of a material, not a dynamic instance. It’s working now.