Walking In Shallow Water physics Volume

How would i walk in shallow part of water instead of keep swimming id imagine in the animation blueprint somewhere but am clueless, here is pictures of my problem, i dont like swimming above water, it itches,.

Hi, ran into this question, for anyone that comes by, here is how i handled it,
Step 1: i created a blueprint with a box collider, to use as a custom water volume, on its “actor begin overlap”, set 2 variables in character, first a bool, “IsInWater” to true, and then give character the top Z value of the volume in a float “WaterLevel”.
On Actor end overlap set IsInWater to false.

Step 2: In Character i have a “switch on movement mode” (movement mode is a variable in character movement component) that run on tick, while grounded do a is in water check, if true i get the difference between my root and WaterLevel, and run a curve to modify MaxWalkSpeed, and if difference is higher then lets say, the characters chest height, only then do i get charcater movement component, get its physics volume, set it to is water true, and set movement mode to swimmng,

thats the basics of it, to get back out of swimming while on low water i do some raycasting

The trick here is that get charcater movement component, get physics volume, set water true, when and how you want, not just on actor begin overlap like a regular water volume