Walking around Oculus CV1 editor problem.

I am experimenting with walking around within the game environment in UE4. But when i do so the camera is moving in strange curves when walking or bending. When walking straight some meters the camera lowers to the floor slowly. When looking at the ground close by - the camera moves diagonal to the ground, not in an vertical straight line.

How do i make the movement of the camera in UE4 while walking around right? How do i make the roomscae work as it should be like im the ‘Dreamdeck’ demo’s?

Thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

Hi Alle Konst

Some possible explanations:

  1. The camera isn’t physically placed properly (rotated about the camera’s axis or maybe not placed in front) or set-up/installed properly

  2. Using pawn’s rotation in the UE editor and moving front is actually moving left/right/down.

Anyone has a solution? It is very buggy walking around (roomscale) out of the box with an CV1 Rift in UE4. Probably you need to setup physical movement? How did they do this in the Dreamdeck demo’s?

+1, i’m experiencing this in my scene but i’m still using DK2. When i rotate my head to look around it’s like the camera is taking a really wide berth on a 6 or 7 foot radius.

I’m experiencing this as well, with the CV1. Has anyone found a solution?