Walkable skeletal meshes

Currently in the process of moving from an in-house engine to UE4. Still learning what is available to me and what the best practices may be!

Our RTS-like game features a large creature (30 times the size of a unit) walking into the field of play where the player’s units can attack it. Some of the player’s units should be able to climb up onto the creature to attack it.

We had an approach in our previous engine which worked, but was quite rigid. It would be great if it were possible to have a navmesh on the creature, so that the units, once close enough, could snap from the ground-navmesh and onto the creature-navmesh. I came across bCanBeBaseForPawns, but this seems to be a UE3 solution.

I’d be interested in hearing any suggestions to achieve my goals in UE4! Thanks for your time!

I realize this is 5 years old… but did you happen to figure this out?