"Waiting for texture resources to be ready for landscape:" issue

I am working on a project that uses landscape proxies and layer editing to “paint” different layers for PCG.

However recently Me and only me on the team has run into an issue where unreal is infinitely “Waiting for texture resources to be ready for landscape” upon loading a specific level, as I am the only one having this issue I figure its hardware but I’ve tried increasing the streaming pool to no avail and all the usual fixes, even changing the samples to wrapped, I am at a loss for what could be the issue and if anyone else has a fix or experienced the same thing please leave a reply.

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I am also having this problem unfortunately! I know I somewhat recently enabled “Landscape Patch” and “Landmass” plugins and put them in a level. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.

I have the same issue