Waiting for moderator approved post

Hey, is it normal for everyone to get their post approved by the moderator? When will this feature be removed? Do I need a certain post count before I can post freely or do I need to wait for my account to be at least 1 month old? How does this work? Sorry I’m still new to this forum.

Yes this is normal behavior due to the amount of spam these forums receive. As far as I remember you need to have 5 or 10 posts that are approved before you no longer need moderator approval. This is specifically done to prevent the forums getting flooded with spam … you have no idea how much spam the moderators remove on a daily basis.

^ This.

Also, I approved two of your posts earlier :slight_smile:

Thanks to the both of you :slight_smile: I really appreciate it. I’m still new to this forum but I hope some day I’ll be able to help you guys moderate too haha :slight_smile:

Ok, i see. I just ran into this same issue, when i was trying to ask some questions on a different tread. But my two questions got removed…

They’re not removed; they’re just not visible. These forums get targeted by a high volume of spam, so the first posts made by a user go through moderation before being visible. There should be a notification that this is the case, though since the forum has just transitioned to new software, I’m not sure if this is currently the case.

Thanks, i see them now.

I just had this problem and found that I couldn’t post something on to the forums as it said it was unapproved. I assumed the old thread might have been closed but I now know that the posts have to be viewed by a moderator, thanks

Sigh… just happened to me too. They really need a message to let you know what’s going on.

Can you imagine the amount of messages we would get based on new posts … my inbox would probably explode. Every day moderators come online to check for unapproved posts and other issues needing our attention and we sort them out.

I am in South Africa, so I am normally online earlier than most other moderators, so if they do get missed, please have some patience and we will get to it as soon as we can.


p.s. Just finished checking and there are no posts that need approval.

Hey guys also waiting on a post for approval. It might be a double post as I was unsure whether it worked the first time. It’s not spam Id just love to share with the community a Remix I did for Halloween for the soundtrack - Dusk Horizon (Nyleve Falls) (That moment you walk out of the vortex riker crashed ship. Powerful moment :slight_smile:

Sorry for my lang, but this is just retarded. I kept submitting the same post several times because every time I refreshed the page it disappeared, so I posted it again. Don’t know how many you’ll get. If spam is really a problem in the forums, why not use captcha when a user tries to reply or post something?

Because Captchs is not fool proof when it comes to Spammers … only Bots … and only your first few posts are moderated. We handle the duplicate posts and only approve the first one and is just one of those things we have to deal with.

Oh ok… Thanks for explaining. I was just frustrated because I was trying to thank a couple of Forum members for answering my questions but I couldn’t. :slight_smile:

“please approve my post too…” said SPAMBOT3000

Sigh… just happened to me too. They really need a message to let you know what’s going on.

So does “unapproved” really mean “waiting for approval?” I thought it meant “rejected.” I’ll wait…

ahhh that makes sense, I was wondering why I couldnt post WIPs of my scifi scene when I tried creating a thread, or why my comments were not showing up. Patience is the key i guess haha.

I posted a job listing, it waited 24 hours or so, stayed up for 2 hours after posting – then disappeared again. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there any reason for this?

Chances are it didn’t follow the required guidelines posted at the top of the jobs board - if you follow the template, it should stick.