Waiting for all players before do something

Hi everybody!

I would like to know how can I check if all players (server + clients) has finished their travelling to the map, before procedurally begin the generation of the map. Better than my actual delay, of course x)
I am under a fonctionnal listen server (lan/steam).

I tried to check the “Num Travelling players” from the server game mode, but it is always 0.

Thank you for help!
Kiss <3

No idea? :confused:

Did you tried track based on OnPostLogin event?

Hi @anonymous_user_f5a50610!
I can’t call OnPostLogin because I use seamless level!
I tried to see with the handle starting new player. It detects well all player controllers.
But I don’t know simply how to “wait” all player controllers…

You can start with has authority in event tick (authority) so only host does the rest. From authority output get all actors of class (player controller), get array length and check if its equal to the player count needed.

why would seamless travel affect on post login?

did you check this thread?