Waist belt in UE4

I am trying to create a belt for my vr pawn.
Right now i have it set up where the belt actor will rotate with the camera excluding the pitch, so when you look down you can see your belt. and i have the Z location from the camera with an offset setting the location of the belt actor, so when you stand up or sit down it drops/rises. The issue I am having is whenever I try to set the x and y axis to follow the camera whenever you “bend” the location of the belt updates (understandably) but if i remove the X and Y the belt will no longer follow you around in your VR space when you move about your room. Is there any way to set this up Correctly any and all help is greatly appreciated.

ok so i got it partially not great what i ended up doing in case anyone was curious, is I set up a branch that compared the height with the vr origin basically stating that if the person is x high just keep the belt below the headset and copy camera rotations except pitch so when you look down you can see the belt, the other half of the branch states when below x high it attaches itself to the rotation and location of the headset so when bending down the belt locks to the waist. its not perfect but it works. if anyone has any other ideas i would love to hear them.