W Multiple Meshes in a BP, how to make 1 a VR Pickup?

I have been using what seems to be a “Regular Blueprint” which has a Viewport tab, and I can pull multiple objects and even move them where I want them.
Some few of the objects I want to be able to ‘pickup’ in VR… I had thought I would need a "level Blueprint’ for this but: the Level Blueprint does not even have a VIEWPORT tab! (what good is that?)
My question:
Since I am stuck using ‘regular blueprint’ (where I can pull objects in and make what I would call a ‘scene’ (why do we need MAPS if we can pull multiple objects into a Blueprint with Viewport Tab?), HOW DO I tell ONE object in my Blueprint to be 'a PICKUP Object and the others to remain Static?
For instance:
If I have a regular Blueprint, (with a Viewport Tab) in which I have dragged in a Floor mesh, a Ceiling mesh and a Hammer mesh. How to make the Hammer a Pickup object but NOT the Floor and Ceiling? (without using Level Blueprints or even Maps ideally,…)

See, I already know I can ‘send’ all the meshes I need, (in relative placement!) with just a single Blueprint, can one or more of those objects be a ‘pickup’ object? OR can I define a seperate BP JUST FOR my Hammer, and then refer to the Hammer and it’s own BP, in my above mentioned Multi-Object regular BP (w/ Viewport tab)?

PS, I know how to MAKE an object a ‘pickup’ (by Migrating the Pickup Objects from the VR Template),
my question is much more about how to do that (or where/how to put that info) in my single arranged-multi-mesh BP (the kind of BP with a Viewport,…)

THANK YOU! Happy New Year!

This is quite a confusing questions my friend. To make something a “pick up” you would create a blueprint. The “viewport” in the blueprint is where you would place the mesh that you want the player to “see” as your pick up in the level/world/map you are creating. The editor viewport (the big one that opens up with unreal) displays a “Map” or “Level”. You can’t create a “world/map/level” within a “blueprint”. So placing a bunch of meshes into ONE blueprint’s viewport would just give you one really big actor that you can then drag into the editor viewport which is a level/map. What you need to do is have multiple blueprints, and the one you want to be a “pick up” you script the logic for as a pick up, the ones you want to be “static” wouldn’t have any pick up logic in their blue print. Then you would take both the pick up BP and the static BPs and place them into your map/level.