VXGI installation for UE4


I have downloaded the VXGI library from Nvidia Gameworks with a developer account.
After extraction, I have a bunch of folders with .cpp and .dll’s

How do I get it integrated into my UE4.14 engine?

Install vs2015
Run setup.bat, wait for the program download ue source codes.
Run generate project.bat
Open sln file and use vs2015 to compile
ue4 should run in about an hour.

good morning, I have dowloaded VXGI fro Nvidea, in the zip there are three folders (doc, samples, VXGI) but there isn’t the setup.bat How can I install it in UE4? Please help me.
Tank you

Link your epicgames account with Github to acces the private (404) pages including the VXGI Github page. The download on Github will have the setup.bat

hello! How can I install VXGI to 4.20.1 version?

hola cuando hago doble click en el setup,bat al llegar a 99 me da este error, alguine me podria ayudar a solucionarlo???