VXGI area light for character shadow problems。

ScreenShot00000.pngScreenShot00001.pngCan vxgi emissive material create shadows like point lights?The noise shadow and other move detail shadows.but now i make emissive material just can create actor whole soft shadow:rolleyes:

You’re not going to be able to create emissive lighting that’s similar to the results of an actual light object, it doesn’t have enough accuracy to try and simulate that.

Thank you for you answerer! Do you mean emissive can’t create shadow like point light?but i saw some from here if It can work so what can i do?

You can’t, the voxel sizes are too big to get that much detail.

r.VXGI.MapSize 256 Is this the limit?

That’s indeed the limit but you should never use is. 256 will give a HUGE performance hit over 128 with very little quality improvement.
Also as Darth already commented, it’s impossible for emissive materials to give accurate soft shadows.
You will need to use a Spotlight.

Question on the side, whats this demo from? I wanna check it out too.