Vxgi 2.0 Work Kepler ????

Vxgi 2.0 Work Kepler ???

I guess your question is… if VXGI 2.0 is working with NVIDIA Kepler Cards ?
VXGI 2.0 should run on any kind of card as far as i know, no matter if ATI or NVIDIA, i think the only requirement is DX11 compatibility. The real question is if your Kepler card has enough power to run VXGI 2.0 since VXGI is very performance hungry. I’m not familiar with the NVIDIA Kepler family but have in mind that even today’s GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti cards strugle with VXGI.

Yes true question is this. Kepler maybe not enough performance but sequencer render is very usefull. İ download 4.19 gameworks but doesnt work vxgi. Click enable but doesnt work. Why, cant understand.

did you enable it in post process too?

Yes of course. VXAO work but VXGI doesnt work

As long your card is a DX11 card it should run even with very bad FPS. What branch are you using ? Is something in your setup wrong ? Have you followed the FAQ ?

Q: I loaded a map but there is no indirect lighting. A: Please make sure that…

  • Console variable r.VXGI.DiffuseTracingEnable is set to 1
  • Console variable r.VXGI.AmbientOcclusionMode is set to 0
  • Directly lit or emissive materials have “Used with VXGI Voxelization” box checked
  • Direct lights are Movable and have “VXGI Indirect Lighting” box checked
  • There is an active PostProcessVolume and the camera is inside it (or it’s unbounded)
  • In the PostProcessVolume, the “Settings/VXGI Diffuse/Enable Diffuse Tracing” box is checked

FAQ ? Cant find FAQ. Try 2 different branch but just area light and **Vxao **work. Try museum level. 4.18 vxgi 1.0 is work but 4.19 Vxgi 2.0 branch not work. İ know fps very bad but I’m not game develop this technology. İ use sequencer render.

Check this official NVIDIA Build out… You have to link you UE4 account with Github before, otherwise you can’t download it.

Here is the mini FAQ from NVIDIA, you can find this document also in the branch folder of the build

I think it is already working try to build a simple scene, white wall, red ball… Sun shines on the red ball and white wall. Increase the indirect lighting intensity in the post process volume under VXGI Diffuse. Play around until you can see some color bleeding on the wall from the red ball. Check the Overview.pdf it should explain all you need to know.

Try this methods. Post process vxgi open (Vxgi 1.0) Fps drop. Vxgi 2.0 nothing change fps.Just vxao and area light

Have you enabled VXGI in your Material settings and lights? like on the overview described…

don’t go by the fps drop. vxgi 2.0 is vastly faster than 1.0.

can you visualize all the vxgi stuff? opacity / emittance / irradiance? have you tried turning up indirect lighting intensity? have you tried turning up all the setting that tank performance? (trace res/light leaking/quality/tracing step)

Are you sure that is vastly fatser ? I never tried the first version VXGI but i’m tanking around 60 to 70 FPS when enabling VXGI 2.0 in my very very small scene. Loosing 60 to 70 FPS on the smallest quality settings seems not really efficient on a GTX 1080, so what FPS would i get out of VXGI 1.0 ? :eek: However it’s very fun to play around with VXGI 2.0

hmm that doesn’t seem right. i have a forest scene on my art station that was built in vxgi 1.0 and it runs at 60-65 fps on a 980ti clocked @ 1500Mhz. running the same scene on 2.0 fps jumped to 100fps+

All setting is open. But not even1 fps change. VXGİ Ambient and Area Light open drop fps but any other setting not change.
İ have last Nvidia driver. Someone person said “New driver is broken vxgi” This true ???

I had this issue as well where I couldn’t make GI work, but AO worked. They have a 2.0.1 version out now that you might want to try (I’m in the middle of rebuilding it, so I can’t test it yet).

What ??? No way, ok something has to be broken on my site. I have only one point light in my scene, all other light sources etc… are deleted. I’m getting with my posted settings 50 FPS, when turning VXGI complete off i’m capped at 120 FPS. Turning VXGI specular off brings me up to 65 to 70 FPS. But the most funny thing is, turning the only light off i have in my scene brings 3 FPS more on my counter, thats all.

İ tested 2.0.1 but not working GI again. Kepler cards just vxao and area light work. İ still waiting GI work. Why doesnt work GI cant understand.

Its has nothing to do with Kepler cards, the only requirement is DX11 or DX12 compatibility. Are you 100% sure that you are getting no GI from the lights? I wrote you before, try a simple scene with a white wall and colored spheres, than increase the indirect lighting. Check my screenshot, so you can see what should be activated. VXGI Specular and VXGI Multi Bounce is not a must a have.

Here is kinda the UE4 / Nvidia Gamerworks support thread, maybe someone over there can help you out .


Kepler just VXAO and VXAL support. :frowning:

I’m sorry for you dude, i guess you have to go than for a new card.
I’m not sure how old the Kepler is but Nvidia should be maybe more specific on what cards or how old cards are supported and not.
The overview says DX11 and DX12 cards are supported.