Guys, what’s up with Vulkan? Why is no one really talking about this - as I understood, you can then publish games also for Linux no?
With the Steam Deck coming out, it feels like Vulkan is a way to go - it’s open source, multiplatform, etc. Even through my tests, I’ve been getting much better framerates!
Why is no one using this? Or am I blind?

For the same reason nobody talks about directx, they sit in the background, nobody even asks what they mean or do. Vulkan is used, but it doesnt have as good support from ue4/5, so its used as a very similarly performing fallback option, rather than the main thing.

It’s so promising though… I understand that DirectX is the main pipeline for ages, though it would be nice for Unreal to have more support for Vulkan, for smaller games, without some triple A features. Then, Unreal could run also on weaker hardware and Linux.
For example when I was building with Vulkan, my friends had error that they don’t have the proper Vulkam prereqs installed. Couldn’t it anywhere how to solve this. It’s a shame.

Oh, it has 95% support, just no SSGI/Lumen, am on ue5 and it builds perfectly fine. you might be missing an sdk or something somewhere. TBH i want vulkan to succeed over dx12+, so every platform can run the same stuff, no extra work required. Vulkan browser support, anyone? Imagine something like krunker with almost pc-like performance/graphics

Vulkan indeed works well in unreal 5. Once few more things are fixed it should be better than dx. Vulkan is even already for future gpus as it already support using multiple gpus together.
Both packed games and engine has issue with wayland which is used by many linux distros nowdays. Some of use had submitted feedback on this to epic last year.

So when sending packed games in the requirement it should stated to install the latest propietary drivers from amd or nvidia, run gnome or kde in x11 instead of wayland.
Also just be cautious as device lost error happens on vulkan in packed linux games sometimes.