Vulkan Subpass support?

I’m experimenting vulkan subpasses as it should give a performance uplift on mobile platforms. However a renderpass with multiple subpasses is not officially supported yet, I was wondering when this will be available?
Another thing is subpasses would need “SubpassInput, SubpassLoad” in shader, but they are not supported in HLSL based on currently compilation process, I got ompilation error for this, what do I need to do if I want to support them?

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did you ever follow up with this? I have no idea what I’m doing and looking to use vulkan subpass to do a tone mapper / post process style effects like rain or something.

Just use a standard ppv material.

I’m working on mobile LDR so I don’t have any post processing or tonemapper. I think I would have to do something manually in a vulkan subpass. Or do you mean just make a PPV and hook it up inside the vulkan subpass?

I can think of many solutions that would be much easier than modifying the rendering code all over the engine.

1: Put a plane in front of the camera and use that as the post processing
2: Do something like good fx: rain, and spawn planes in a grid around the camera
3: Put something in the material shaders
4: Mobile HDR

mobile hdr isn’t an option. It seems that option 1 or 2 is best bet, but I’d still like to do this via vulkan subpasses.

Why isnt mobile hdr an option? Are you designing for quest, or potato devices?

For quest yes