Vulkan in VR doesn't play media texture


whenever I switch to Vulkan for the default VR Template and deploy it to Oculus Quest, it doesn’t play any of the media textures (MP4 set to play on a mesh like a TV using the open source node) in-game. Is this not supported? When I switch to ES 3.1, it works fine.

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thanks for your answer. When I use the Quest with ES3.1 my video plays fine but it doesn’t anymore when switching to vulkan (same project and code). I did already put them in a folder called movies. I guess it’s not a problem with the open source node (to play the video) but rather the rendering on my mesh (TV). I should change something about the material or texture settings for vulkan but I have no idea what.


Media Support is definitely supported. I recently built an application for a client using three 360 videos which all played in the Oculus Quest with no problems. Check that your media is saved directly to your projects content folder, in there create a folder called “Movies” then place your videos here. don’t import them using the editor. Move them directly to the folder using your OS. Then reference them in the engine directly from the new Movies folder.

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Weird, I’m not too sure. Unfortunately, I’m not at my machine so I cant try recreating the issue. Next time I’m on it ill try recreating the issue and seeing if I can figure out an answer to it.