Vulkan - ASTC - Unreal 4.14.3 Samsung S7 Edge


I am followed this tutorial to the dot. ( )
My project compiles, but once I want to run my app on my Samsung S7 Edge, it just shows me “test shut down unexpectecly”.
If I pack the application as ETC2 it works as expected.

How do I go about debugging this? I am very new to mobile phone app development.

as i heard (im not sure), you have to make an updgrade system of samsung edge 7 for Vulkan API system…

That’s because Gear VR doesn’t support Vulkan … yet

My S6 just upgraded to Nougat today. Still no Vulkan support in VR? Kind of lame for Unreal to be making a big deal about Vulkan integration but it’s only for 2D pshaw!

No, still no support for Vulkan on Gear VR