Vuforia for Unreal

So have been trying to compile and deploy this sample project

As a requirement 4.16.2 is listed. But this version is NOT available in the version dropdown when I click install. Only 4.16.3.

However when I use 4.16.3 I get errors saying the plugins were compiled using a different version of UE4.

  1. Has anyone reading this been able to compile the same vuforia test project using UE4 later than 4.16.2?
    2)Where can I download and install UE4 4.16.2?
  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but if you continue, please comment your results. I
  2. I don’t know about downloading it through the launcher, but you should be able to download the source from and compile it yourself.

@eco_bach2 Did you get a result with 4.16.3?