VS2013 express does not load parent class, after selecing 'Yes' to 'edit now'

I am following the FPS tutorial after having successfully built the engine from source.

When I get to the section where you create the GameMode parent class, there is a prompt shown below:


When selecting ‘Yes’ it never has any effect on visual studio, no class is loaded or any change seen on the IDE’s UI.

Not sure else to provide to troubleshoot as no feedback is given, I just click ‘Yes’ the prompt closes and nothing changes in VS2013 express.


Is this using an editor you’ve built yourself, or using one that you installed?

Currently building the editor yourself with VS Express results in the code navigation features being stubbed out (this is fixed and will be available in the next update), however they should be working in our installed versions since these are built with VS Pro.


Hi, that would explain it. I was using a self built editor. I will wait for the next update. Is there an ETA on it?

Glad I came across this as I’ve been having issues with this too, looking forward to the update so that I can proceed with my own build :slight_smile:

Same problem here.

Has this been solved? Because I just downloaded and compiled 4.5.1 on my computer and when trying to open VS from the editor it’s giving same message as OP

I’m also having this issue. Is there a workaround for now?

Still seems broken on 4.8.3