VS Solution does not see created classes

So our project has been combined with the shooter game example project, So when i go to create a new class in the editor it creates the project name folder in the source folder with the created class and header files but when I open up my solution its nowhere to be found. Any ideas how to fix this or what the problem is?


Hi Millan,

I have tested this, and not experienced any issues. Although as Neil.Griffiths has said, you have to rename practically every file, as well as numerous references to the project name within most of those files. This can be a tedious process.

After I had done this and saved all files, I followed these basic steps:

  • Generated project files
  • Built the solution
  • Loaded the project in the editor
  • Went through the Add Code to Project process
  • Closed the editor and loaded the solution
  • Built the solution
  • Loaded the editor again…and my new class was available

Good luck!

It’s alright, we ended up deciding it would be better to start from the FPS Code Template anyways, but thanks for the reply!

Hi Phillip,

First, I just want to confirm that if you load the standard ShooterGame project, and you do File > Add Code to Project, when you load Visual Studio you are seeing your new class, yes?

yes I can see the new created class and header when I add code from the standard shooter project.

Okay, and can you explain the process by which your project has been combined with ShooterGame?

Hi, I am the Project Lead on the game Philip is talking about and I was the one who combined the folders. What I did was start with Shootergame’s folder, then I stripped out the environment assets from it, along with the maps and derived data cache. Then I added our own environmental content to it and changed the project’s name from Shootergame to WakeUpCall. Hope that helps!

Hi Millan,

In an effort to better understand the project’s setup, can you please provide the following information?

  • How exactly did you rename the project? (did you just change the .uproject file name?)
  • Please post a screenshot of your base project folder.
  • Please post a screenshot of the contents of your project/source in VisualStudio


So I changed the uproject name, I changed the project name values in the config files, and I changed the main folder name. I don’t have my project folder on me atm, but the source folder should look exactly like the base shootergame project.

You’ll have to rename more files. The build tool appears to look for files based around the project name. [projectname].Build.cs is a good example of this!