Vs code intellisense is slow

My intellisense is very slow and isn’t useful.

This probably isn’t helpful, but last time I did some C++ programming with VSCode, I had trouble too. Remember that VSCode isn’t a full-fledged IDE, and depends on plugins to do most of the hardlifting.

My best recommendation is for you to either switch to Visual Studio Community or to Rider.

I have rider for Unreal but it uses 3Gb of ram and I only have 8Gb.
Also VSCode isn’t a IDE but more a editor.

I’m having the same problem, seems to take about 30 seconds to load once I open a file, and then it starts working relatively fast (about 2 seconds for suggestions to come up), but if I change files it loads again from the start

Visual studio 2019 is not performing much better than VSCode (I have a 3900x and 64gb of ram so it’s not an hardware problem), It takes up to 30 seconds to load suggestions… Sometimes it’s fast, other is terribly slow and I’ve not been able to find out why…
VSCode commands and snippets work way better than Visual studio otherwise I wouln’t use it

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