VRPawn "Teleport" node, doesn't teleport.


I’m trying to simply teleport my VRPawn to another location in the world, using the teleport node. And it fails everytime, sometimes even giving me an error saying that the “defaultsceneroot should be movable if you want to move it”.

And everything in my VRPawn is movable… So I don’t understand why this is happening.
This has worked fine so far, but broke out of nowhere.

Even a “set world location” node doesn’t work and gives the same error.

Again, My pawn’s default scene root is movable…
Any idea what could be happening here?

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: Tried on a default VRTemplate project and it’s working… Really odd.


After a coffee and a few facepalms…I tried deleting the vrpawn blueprint from the scene and adding it again a couple times, it solved itself out.

What can I say?

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