VRPawn still referencing BP_MannequinsXR

I am using the UE5.2 VR Template.

I am trying to remove the references to Mannequins XR in my project since I am not using it in my project.

You can see here:

I removed the reference to the Animation class and replaced the skeletal mesh with the oculus controller art. I did this on both the left and right hands.

But, when I try to remove B_MannequinsXR from my project:

It says VRPawn is still referencing it.

Any idea where it is making the reference?

The component itself is B_MannequinsXR. Remove the component entirely from the VRPawn and add a default SkeletalMeshComponent for your skeletal mesh instead.

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Ahh got it, I am still learning this system! Thank you!

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