VRPawn no collision

Hi I have a ledge that moves up and down on my level and I can get my VRPawn to teleport onto the ledge but it just stays there stuck in mid air ignoring the ledge as it moves up and down. How can you create a Vive VRPawn that can attach to movable objects?

This is the VRPawn I am using


Have you tried creating a collision volume (box/capsule) of some kind and have that be the root of your components. It doesn’t have to be large, could be a small one towards the floor. Haven’t tried it but thats what comes to mind first.

I did unfortunately it didn’t work.

You could try changing your parent class to Default Pawn instead of Pawn. Shouldn’t affect your room-scale pawn much and it gives you a movement component that should respond to moving platforms. Otherwise make a manual rule that attaches your pawn to the platform when you get on it.

How would I change it to default pawn?

Edit figured it out in the class settings :slight_smile: still doesn’t work though. One of the annoying things about a Vive Pawn using chaperone. You are effectively a ghost in your environment.

That’s a problem I struggled with too. I solved it by applying an offset to the (in your equivalent) *CameraRoot * transform or better the DefaultSceneRoot, and by that also offset the head position.
Specifically you could have a TriggerVolume around your Head, then if it enters the ledge, attach the DefaultSceneRoot to it, set it to keep a relative offset. Once the ledge moves it will offset the base and with that the character. It feels hacky, but worked for me, while collision components didn’t. It kinda makes sense why it doesn’t, but is still a little unfortunate. I also tried playing around with attaching the head to a static mesh with physics simulation on and moving that one, but syncing the physics body with your head (since you are still able to move freely), while also having the body being able to react to collisions, was headache inducing.