Vroid Studio To UE4 Custom Character Exporting

After the release of the free beta version of Vroid Studio by Pixiv I was always wondering how I can export the 3d Character to a readable 3d Model that I can import to Blender or UE4.:cool:
After trying to find a way to do it I couldn’t come up with a direct way from Vroid Studio since it’s still in the beta version and exporting to 3d Models such as .FBX or .OBJ formats is still not available. So I figured a way to export my character in an Indirect way without the need to download any extra software other than what you have on your PC. Easy and Simple. However when I try to import it to UE4 the textures look dark, it seems that somehow the textures aren’t imported correctly (If you find a solution to this let me know ;)). I hope you like this super easy and short tutorial::D:)

Hey, I have the same problem so I download a Plugin to Unity, convert it to FBX and export my character to UE 4. In unity all is looking perfect but in UE 4 sometimes are small problem with textures.

Here is a UE4 tutorial.