Vray's falloff - possible in UE4 material editor?

How can I use the fresnel to replicate this material in ue4 ? is it possible ?


Is there any better way to use bump map in ue4 ? I haven’t found how to yet so I basicly trying to create normals maps from diffuse using Quixel , wondering if there is a faster way.


For mix two textures with Fresnel, you can use Lerp (LinearInterpolate) node.


Yep ^

And then there’s the NormalFromHeightmap node if you want to use a grayscale bump map, but most of the time it’s probably better to use a normal map directly.

Thank you both.

But I have tried to use that node and it doesn’t work. Or maybe I am doing it wrong.

Post a screenshot of your (non-working) UE material graph and that problem can probably be sorted.


What am I doing wrong? Exagerated result to notice easier.

This is PBR workflow and we cant really tell what you are trying to do unless you plug the other nodes too such as spec, metallic and roughness?

Thats the bump map used in Vray.

This is the normal I generated with Quixel.


Shouldn’t the Heightmap go into the “Heightmap (t2d)”-channel of the NormalFromHeightmap-node??
The “Normal Map Intensity” expects a scalar value…

EDIT: And, still, when you use quixel -> why don’t you generate a proper normal map and just use this one?

Problem was that texture map wouldnt work into the (t2d) , I have discovered that texture object works.