VRAM Crashes Still Not Addressed in UE5

Hey all,
While I do love the new lumin and nanite features in UE5 I immensely disappointed that there are still no VRAM protections, warnings or alternative measures in place. I would go out on a limb to say VRAM overages are the number one cause, across the board, of all Unreal related crashes (maybe short of coding bugs.)

We live in a world with GPU shortages right now. Most people can barely afford a GTX card, neverthless an RTX 3090 or greater GPU which seem to be the minimum spec cards needed to adequately run anything in the realm of pretty.

One metahuman or quixel map can grind my RTX2080ti to a halt with it’s 11GB of VRAM.

There has to be a solution to this that doesn’t mandate everyone just get a scalped RTX 3090, titan or Quadro 8000 card at 4x retail cost.

Is there any way for Unreal to have an overhead system, so that once thresholds are reached you can still work or optimize your maps without freezing and crashing? Virtual textures can help, but they don’t prevent the editor from crashing or freezing.

To me especially with the film, virtual production, and metahuman pipelines this would be an all hands on deck priority for a functional software program.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Unreal, but if I can’t open a map or render a sequence because of random spikes in VRAM then all my work is for nothing.

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Hi. I agree : with my 1660 GTX 6Gb I can barely open a scene and if I dare open a material editor, I start getting the dreaded VRAM red message …