VR: Wrong text positions

Hi there,

I am just trying to draw a black screen and place a simple text to the center (which is surprisingly complicated):


In 2D, this seem to work:


In VR, the HUD doesn’t take the stereo rendering into account:


Shouldn’t it be displayed to the middle of the left and the right eye view as well?

Hey Spyro-

There are a couple of questions I’d like to ask you to help track down this issue. Which version of the engine are you working in? Also, is the text misaligned in the headset as well or does it only affect what is shown on the computer?

Hey Spyro-

What’s happening is that is is showing up in both views, however it is being offset by the values set for ScreenX and ScreenY of the Draw Text node. The text that is “split” across both views is the left view text, the text for the right side is actually off screen. If you disconnect the the pin from the division node to the ScreenX value of the Draw Text node, you can enter random values and see how it affects the position of the text.


Doug Wilson