VR World Scale Blew Up

Howdy -

This may be just a sanity check.
I’m relatively brand-spanking new to VR development in UE4.
Not sure what I did but the scale of the scene I was working on suddenly blew up approximately about 100X.
The scene looks the same in the editor, however when I put on the Vive, my perspective has decreased to about the size of an ant.
I increased the “VR World Sale” setting in the world settings and now the scene is starting to look correct.(adjusted from 0.97 to 97)

Does anyone know what I did in order to make the VR visual scale go out of whack? I could just leave the world scale cranked 100X but I would rather return it closer to its default value.

Thanks for your attention

The world scale should be 100… that’s the default.

I find in GearVR it should be 200x to get proper 6 foot tall POV 160-170 cm eye view… (my two cents)