VR without Gyro

Hi guys, I’m really huge fan of UE4 and VR… I tried VR in my previous phone (Micromax Unite 2 which has no Gyroscope) So I bought another smartphone (Micromax Canvas Sliver 5) just yesterday which said that it has Gyrosensor… But it doesn’t have it… But it has Magnetometer. I rendered a scene as Spherical view in 3ds Max (I uploaded it down there)… and I opened it in VR Player app (which can be used for those who have no Gyrosensor) and It worked perfectly, but it’s quite shaky but I think that’s okay… I need to know… “How to create VR app in Unreal Engine without Gyrosensor?”

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Have you tried using the “Tilt” or “Rotation Rate” events in a blueprint to see if that particular phone model’s magnetometer values are sent as either of those event types?

Nope, I didn’t worked on it… and I am a quite newbie in Blueprints system… Can you help me how to do it?

and Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

As a quick test to see whether this sensor data comes through as “Tilt”, follow these steps…

Open your level blueprint (Blueprints > Open Level Blueprint)

Delete everything that’s there.

Add a “Tilt” input node.

Add a “Print String” node.

Connect them as shown in this image:

Deploy the app to your phone and run it. You should see X, Y, and Z values printed to the screen. If these values are always 0 then it means Tilt won’t give you what you want. You can try the same approach swapping the “Tilt” node for the “Rotation Rate” node.

I tried what you said on my Android (Screenshot below)… then I realized that I didn’t Packaged the project as a VR app instead I packaged it as a normal Android app

Then searched on Google “How to create VR app in UE4” then I got this “https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/GoogleVR/QuickStart/index.html” So it says I need to enable Google VR in Plugins menu… then I found that I don’t have Google VR in UE4’s Plugin menu (Screenshot below)…

Is there some kind of error in my software or system? Yeah one more thing!! I don’t have Visual Studio and AndroidWorks in my system. Should I need it?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ah. I think I misunderstood your original request (my fault). You can ignore the suggestion I gave previously. If you’re creating a real VR experience you won’t want to access the sensor input directly, you’ll want Unreal Engine to handle that for you. To see if Unreal Engine supports creating VR experiences for your phone you’re correct that you’ll need to package it up for Google VR. GoogleVR support was added in UE 4.12. Your post lists 4.11 as your current version which explains why you don’t see the Google VR plug-in. Download the 4.12 version of the engine and try again.

It’s okay sir… and Thanks for the suggestion I’ll download it… BTW Is it possible to make a VR app (in UE4) for that device which have no Gyrosensor? But yeah I have Magnetometer & Accelerometer in my device…